NYX Lip Lingerie – Review

I can see this looking lovely on dark or very tanned skins. I can see it looking lovely in photos taken in artificial lighting, or caked-up in make-up. But this is not the sort of lipstick to wear on a dismal, grey British April afternoon; nor is it the sort of lipstick to wear if your other make-up is a tinted moisturiser, a bit of bronzer and a toned-down cat eye. This truly is a Kardashian-esque shade, in that you need to be wearing layers of make-up in order to not look OK in it.


The main issue I have with many beauty blogs out there is that they are so positive. Either it’s because the bloggers only review products they like (fair dos: we can’t all be Negative Nancys) or because they only dare to review products kindly because they received them as gifts and don’t want to piss off the PRs.