I decided to start writing Beauty Without the BS because I feel like I can’t read a beauty review online any more without it being sponsored, biased or lacking in substance. OK, to be honest, the real reason I started this blog is just because I have some spare time at the moment, and I feel like my own professional website blog isn’t the right place to write about beauty… so here we are.

About me

My name’s Grace, in my early 20s, living in the north of England. I work part-time as a copywriter and also do freelance creative stuff. Outside of work, I’m a pretty quiet/dull person, so I’ll keep this bit brief. My hobbies include walking my dog, looking at pictures of dogs online, drinking wine, reading, listening to music, and smothering my face in lotions and potions in the hope that, one day, I will wake up with the skin of an angel. This still hasn’t happened (I concede that this might have something to do with the drinking), but I’m still hopeful.

About my skin and hair

Skin: I have fair skin which tans easily. I love having a tan so I often fake tan in the summer to make up for the fact that I can’t often afford long, hot holidays. I’m not sure what my skin tone is, exactly, as it changes a lot depending on the season/how long I basted myself with Bondi Sands. I flip between NARS Tinted Moisturiser shades in Alaska and Finland throughout the year, and use darkening drops from the Body Shop if I’m particularly tanned, so take from that what you will. My skin is extremely oily and spot-prone, though I get dry patches on my cheeks in the winter.

Hair: My hair colour varies from mid-brown to black. My natural colour is dark blonde, but I’ve been colouring my hair from a box for the last 8+ years. My favourite hair dye is L’Oreal Preference, in either Brasilia or Caracas, but I’m happy to just go with whatever’s on offer in the supermarket. My hair is extremely thin, falls out a lot and, honestly, not really worth talking about.

Why you won’t see lots of pictures of me on the blog

I don’t want to make this blog about so I won’t be including full headshots of myself on this blog; I don’t think it’s necessary, as close-ups are better (sorry in advance for my terrible skin but, as I’ve mentioned before, I want to give you honest content). Also, I’m very self-conscious about my face so would rather not sprawl it all over the internet, for your own sakes.

When it comes to make-up, I have all the gear but no idea. I like buying fancy make-up from time-to-time, but this doesn’t mean I am any good at applying it. I do not claim to be a ‘MUA’ (or a make-up anything). I don’t want my poor application skills to change your perception of a product that I’m just not doing any justice. Does that make sense?

Other things you should probably know

At the time of writing, this blog is all of two days old and has attracted 6 views, so I probably don’t need to write this paragraph, but I will, if only so I don’t have to bother coming back to do it later. All of the products featured on this blog have been purchased with my own money, on my own volition!

Any Qs?

Email me at beautywithoutthebs@gmail.com.