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About the blog

Beauty Without the BS was started because I feel like I can’t read a beauty review online any more without it being sponsored, OTT or lacking any substance. I also like blogs that you can actually read, rather than look at or watch, so hopefully this is going to be one of those blogs. For an in-depth read about why I created Beauty Without the BS, you’ll hopefully find what you want to know in my ‘Welcome’ post.

About the author

I’m in my 20s and, as a copywriter, I write for a living. When I’m not writing I’m either studying, drinking, or smothering my face in lotions and potions in the hope that, one day, I will wake up with the skin of an angel. It still hasn’t happened (I concede that this might have something to do with the drinking).

About my skin and hair

For your reference for product/colour-matching etc:

Skin: I have fair skin which tans easily. I’m not sure what my skin tone is, exactly, as it changes a lot depending on the season. I flip between NARS Tinted Moisturiser shades in Alaska and Finland throughout the year, and use darkening drops from the Body Shop if I’m particularly tanned, so take from that what you will. My skin is extremely oily and spot-prone, though I get dry patches on my cheeks in the winter.

Hair: I have brown hair, which varies from medium brown to nearly-black. My natural colour is mid-blonde, but I have coloured my hair every 2-3 months from a box for about 8 years. My favourite is L’Oreal Preference, in either Brasilia or Caracas, but I’m happy to just go with whatever’s on offer in the supermarket. My hair is extremely thin, falls out a lot and, honestly, is the bane of my life which kills my confidence on a daily basis.

Why you won’t see lots of pictures of me on the blog

I don’t want to make this blog about me (OK, I’m just very self-conscious about my appearance so I don’t take selfies) so, most of the time, my posts will not contain photos of myself wearing products, unless I think it’s necessary to demonstrate how they look.

When it comes to make-up, I have, like my dad likes to say, ‘all the gear but no idea’ (he doesn’t say this about my make-up hoarding by the way – I’m just borrowing the phrase). By this I mean, just because I like buying fancy make-up from time-to-time, this doesn’t mean I am any good at applying it. Unlike some beauty bloggers, I do not claim to be a ‘MUA’, or a make-up anything, so I don’t want my poor application skills to change your perception of a product that I’m just not doing any justice. Does that make sense?

Other things you should probably know

At the time of writing, this blog is all of two days old and has attracted 6 views, so I probably don’t need to write this paragraph, but I’m going to, if only so I don’t have to bother coming back to do it later. All of the products featured on this blog have been purchased with my own money, on my own volition.