Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk – Matte Revolution Lipstick & Lip Cheat – Review

A few months ago, I found the perfect nude. The only problem was that it was one of my mum’s Chanel lippies from the 90s, which I tried on (yes, on my lips… please let me live, beauty sanitation obsessives, it was one time and I didn’t die or get ill; worse things have been around my mouth) and fell in love with. Shame the shade is discontinued. I even contacted Chanel and they weren’t much help. So, knowing that a slightly peachy, stony pink looked like a dream on me, I proceeded to throw myself into a good few weeks’ solid research. I eventually settled on Pillow Talk – I’d read the hype, and looked through all the swatches – and blindly bought it online, along with the complementary lip liner, Lip Cheat.


I knew that I would like the formulation of this lipstick because I already own a Matte Revolution beaut from CT, in the shade Bond Girl. I wasn’t sure what I would think of the lip cheat because I’ve never worn lip liner before. OK, I lie – I tried it once when I was about 13, stealing one of my mum’s, and all I remember was it being pretty hard and scratchy (kind of like a cheap kohl pencil) and I didn’t understand the point of fussing over such a thing.

But lining your lips – or, rather, over-lining them – is now all the rage, largely thanks to Kylie Jenner. I don’t have much time for the Kardashian-Jenners, but Kylie gets my goat in particular because she is younger than me(!) yet she looks like she’s in her late 20s, and I think it’s so depressing that someone who has had so much surgery is seen as a beauty role model by young girls. You see 16-year-olds these days and think, fuckyou look older than me, but then you look closer and see that they’re actually caked in layers and layers of make-up. All over their beautifully flawless, bouncy, soft skin. It’s sad. What’s the rush to grow up? It makes me want to shake them and tell them to enjoy their skin, enjoy their youth, and stop sitting indoors and taking selfies and only interacting with your mates on Snapchat – go out and drink in your local park until the sun comes up, cause drama, break the rules, learn to laugh at yourself… basically, do all the things you can get away with when you’re a teenager, because when you enter adulthood your body starts to feel slower and doesn’t bounce back so readily, and you have to do boring stuff like going to work, which can make you tired and antisocial at the weekends.

Anyway, I read that this lip liner and lipstick combo was supposed to give the illusion of plumper lips. I guess it’s a cheaper alternative to lip fillers. But did it work?



So here I am, make-up free. Ignore my top lip looking particularly shiny in these pics – I was letting my facial oil soak in while I took them.


So I lined my lips with the Lip Cheat, which goes on like a dream compared to the scratchy lip liner I experienced years ago. Because I’m a newbie to the liner game, I’m not sure if I did it correctly – I deliberately drew ever so slightly outside of my normal lip line, but I didn’t want to look too odd so I went really carefully. The colour is slightly darker than my normal lip shade, but I sort of blended it inwards (can you tell I’m not a make-up artist?!), onto my lips, and it came together quite nicely. I have actually since used Lip Cheat alone, with a little bit of lip balm on top to gel things together, and I really like the ‘natural’ look of it.


Afterwards, adding the Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk quickly dealt with any discrepancies between my normal lip colour and the colour of the Lip Cheat. I must say, it’s lush. I would wear either of these products alone, but they really do work wonderfully well together. The shade is definitely one of those ‘your lips but better’ hues that beauty bloggers bang on about and it works brilliantly with my skin tone. This is definitely going to become my go-to lipstick for interviews, client meetings, meals out (eating in red lipstick is way too much faff) and the sort of occasions where I know I’m going to get too drunk to be able to reapply my lipstick perfectly. If you can afford to splurge on these two, I would wholly recommend it.

Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat

The best bits

  • It really does give the illusion of bigger lips
  • Both of these products are long-lasting. I’ve found that the Lip Cheat has better longevity than the lipstick, but that may be because it’s normally the inner-lip area that gets destroyed more readily by food, drink, talking etc.
  • The Matte Revolution lipstick has a lovely formula – nourishing and matte, yet not a makes-you-look-parched type of matte. It also smells nice (a bit chocolate-y, IMO).
  • The Lip Cheat is ideal if, like me, you’re not used to wearing lip liner. It glides on smoothly and is easy to handle.
  • I imagine that these shades are pretty universal, but CT does offer various Lip Cheats, and obviously lipsticks, in other shades
  • You can use the Lip Cheat on its own with a little bit of lip balm, or even a different nude lipstick, for the same volumising effect. If you already have an extensive lipstick collection, you might prefer to just get the Lip Cheat first to see if the colour works for you; it’s cheaper than the Matte Revolution lipstick.

The worst bits

  • The price (but do note that the lipstick, in particular, will last for ages)

Rating: 10/10

Would I repurchase? Yes


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