L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara – Review

One of my favourite things about my face are my lashes; they are naturally long and dark, meaning that I can afford to scrimp in this area. The majority of my mascara purchases cost less than a tenner. I’ve bought Estée Lauder and Lancôme mascaras and they didn’t do anything more for me than good old Max Factor or Maybelline do.

The joy of drugstore mascaras is that they’re cheap enough to purchase on a whim; it doesn’t break your heart too much if the formula doesn’t end up agreeing with you. I am not loyal to mascaras (though my most-frequented brand is Max Factor), as I end up buying a different one every couple of months. I’m a sucker for new launches and garish packaging. I would very much recommend B&M Bargains, by the way, if you, like me, aren’t fussy about your mascara and enjoy playing around with new products… they have a lot of Maybelline in stock at the moment, with everything coming in at under a fiver.

Anyway, this month I decided to try L’Oreal’s Miss Baby Roll mascara (not available in B&M… yet). It promises to give you ‘mega volume’ while curling and lifting your lashes. These seem like quite lofty claims for a £7.99 product, but it actually lives up to them.

l'oreal baby roll mascara

Above is a picture of me before applying make-up, and then after.

The benefits of Miss Baby Roll are pretty obvious. While I wouldn’t say it adds thickness, it definitely lengthens the lashes and gives them a bit of a curl.

However, I should add that I’m only wearing one coat of mascara in the ‘after’ picture above, despite the fact that I’m usually I’m a layer-it-all-on-until-my-eyelids-feel-heavy kinda gal. I’ve found that, after more than one coat, this mascara is too clumpy for me; a single coat is fine, but layer this stuff up and, in my opinion, it suddenly becomes obvious that this is, well, a £7.99 mascara.

For an on-a-whim, budget-friendly buy, Miss Baby Roll has impressive staying power. I have annoyingly sensitive, watery eyes that can’t handle air con or strong winds (I wear sunglasses all the time) and this puts up with that.

miss baby roll

The best bits

  • It notably lengthens lashes
  • It delivers very noticeable results after a single coat, which is great if you’re in a rush and/or are lazy and impatient
  • It doesn’t flake or smudge easily
  • Overall, it’s a good budget buy

The worst bits

  • After more than one coat, things can start to look clumpy
  • The thin, hard brush isn’t the most comfortable thing to use if you have sensitive eyes (if you have sensitive eyes, you’ll definitely know what I mean…)

Rating: 7/10

Would I repurchase? No, but only because I love trying out new budget mascaras. I’d recommend it to a mate, though.


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