NYX Lip Lingerie – Review

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I think I was setting myself up for a fail from the start with this one. Firstly, it’s a matte, liquid formula. Secondly, the shade I picked, Teddy, is very brown. These factors, combined with slightly hungover, dry lips, left my mouth looking like a butthole. I’m sorry, I don’t know how to put it more elegantly.

I had high hopes for NYX Lip Lingerie, having read and seen good things. I am very devoted to NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencils. I’ve also tried and mildly enjoyed its Soft Matte Lip Creams in the past, so I thought that Lip Lingerie might just be a jazzier, Kylie Jenner-er version of these.

I was wrong. I mean, the colour, as I’ve mentioned, was brown. I can see this looking lovely on dark or very tanned skins. I can see it looking lovely in photos taken in artificial lighting, or caked-up in make-up.  But this is not the sort of lipstick to wear on a dismal, grey British April afternoon; nor is it the sort of lipstick to wear if your other make-up is a tinted moisturiser, a bit of bronzer and a toned-down cat eye. This truly is a Kardashian-esque shade, in that you need to be wearing layers of make-up in order to not look OK in it.

lip lingerie 1

Above is how things looked initially. I found the super long doe’s foot applicator very awkward to apply in perfect lines – something a bit sturdier would be better, with the colour payoff probably less streaky.

One of matte liquid lipsticks’ greatest caveats is their staying-power, and Lip Lingerie takes staying-power to the next level. However, as we all know, the struggle to keep lip colour on that inner-circle – ‘the wet bit’ as I like to call it – of your lips is real. This is the reason I love lip stains and classic bullet lipsticks with a little movement in them; if you don’t have the option to reapply but are well aware that you have a little pink ring developing on your lips, you can just smush your lips together firmly to spread the colour out a little; I often pop lip balm on top to grease things up before said smushing happens. Anyway, with this lipstick, this isn’t possible. This stuff sticks in all the dry places and doesn’t come off; anywhere slightly wet, though, it just rejects. It’s an infuriating beast.

liplingerie 2

This is after 20 minutes of wear. ARGH, so crusty.

lip lingerie 3

This is after just over an hour of wear. Sorry for the poor-quality picture.  Yes, I know I look like I have bruised lips – my boyfriend informed me of this, horrified, several times.

The best bits:

  • It’s cheap
  • If you want to play Kardashian for a day, this might be your jam
  • The Lip Lingerie range offers a decent variety of nude/brown shades, so you can probably find one to suit you. Needless to say, I’ve given up already, but don’t let my defeatist attitude bring you down!

The worst bits

  • It’s impossible to get off (not a good thing)…
  • …zero staying power on ‘that wet bit’
  • Teddy looks good on the ‘gram but is just unflattering in natural lighting

Rating: 1/10

Would I repurchase? Never!


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