Review: The Body Shop – Hemp Hand Protector

Processed with VSCOOf the small things I remember my dad treating my mum to when I was growing up, there are two that stick in my mind: chocolate bars, and The Body’s Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector. As a child with small, soft hands, I never really understood what the fuss was all about. I then reached my mid-teens, had my first spliff, realised that weed was the key to living your best life, and started slapping this hand cream on in abundance. OK, I jest – I just started getting really dry hands and I turned to this to stop making me cry out in pain as my skin started cracking and peeling.

The thing about this hand cream is that it just works. It’s satisfyingly thick – which is always a good start if you’re in the market for something ultra-moisturising – and, unlike some hand creams, it doesn’t splurt out everywhere as soon as you take the lid off. It has an indescribably musky scent (no, it doesn’t smell like weed); not the best-smelling thing I’ve put on my skin, sure, but it’s inoffensive and fades quickly.

It takes a while to sink in because it’s so thick, but give it five minutes and your hands will be much silkier, and less painful, than before. I’m not sure if it’s a skin condition or just bad luck, but for the last 2-3 years, every winter I’ve developed insanely dry, itchy patches in the palm of my hand, near my thumb. This sorts them right out. I never thought I could write in such raptures about something as pedestrian as a hand cream, but here I am.

I’d also recommend The Body Shop’s Hemp Body Butter, which I like in the spring time to give my legs a kick of moisture when they’ve been left unshaved (and therefore unmoisturised) for months, and the Hemp Heavy Duty Lip Care balm from the same range, which feels surprisingly light on the lips for such a moisturising product. Incidentally, when I was searching for the latter on Google to check the name, this is what happened:

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 16.01.49


Anyway, let’s summarise my thoughts on the Hemp Hand Protector!

The best bits

  • It’s the best hand cream I’ve used for really dry skin
  • It doesn’t smell artificial (or worse, overly ‘feminine’ or ‘floral’) – it’s a great unisex product

The worst bits

  • The slim, screw-on lid can be incredibly awkward to put back once you have the hand cream on

Rating: 10/10

Would I repurchase? Yes


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